I enjoy an adventure filled, fast pace of life with my wife Elisa. We have been given the gift of raising three terrifically active and unique children- Jayden, Juliana and Elliot. Our drive for new experiences has taken us across our great country and allowed us to experience the many different sights, sounds, and cultures that are contained within its very boarders. Being able to share these experiences with each other and as a family only contributes to the wonder and amazement.

My love for the outdoors and adventure has allowed me to experiment with a variety of recreational activities. One of my favorites is long distance motorcycle riding. The majority of what I have seen on my travels have been from the back of two-wheeler. The trip is always different on a bike – amplified in many respects. I equate road tripping in a car to watching it on TV- you are able to see so much, but miss out on some of the experience. On a motorcycle you FEEL the environment and capture its smells – you don’t just drive through a storm… you make it through :-).

I enjoyed the feel of the open road, being exposed to the elements so much it compelled me to buy a Jeep JKU. When people ask how I like my Jeep I quickly reply “It’s a smile a mile.” There  is simply nothing cooler than dropping the top, taking the doors off and knowing you can go pretty much any where. I have big plans to use that vehicle for all of its capabilities and am slowly modifying it to make that happen.
All three kids are talented athletes and play basketball at a high level. I  find it amazing that three individuals can grow up in the same environment, enjoy many of the same activities yet turn out so unique . The sporting schedule, school work, and other extra circular activities keep us moving pretty much all the time. I enjoy watching them grow and develop both as athletes and as people.