I am a 20141020_124709432_iOSbusiness professional who has spent the last 16 successful years in Restaurant Management. I enjoy the fast pace and ever changing environment of the restaurant industry and have been able to amass a multitude of skills and knowledge from my experience. The skill set you acquire from such a diverse environment – where you handle many facets of the business daily is very unique. A single day as a Manager in a restaurant will have you overseeing the execution of exceptional customer service, ordering and receiving, scheduling, interviews, business process analysis, managing inventory, quality control, and leading a team.

As awsome and rewarding as a manager in Restaurant Operations is, there are some downsides. As a Restaurant manager you find yourself working when the majority of others are not -such as nights, weekends and holidays. This has the tendency to create a challenging domestic life. With three rapidly growing children and an even quicker filling social calendar I made the decision to go back to school. I figured with the experience I was gaining at work a B.S. in Business Administration would only help position myself for a transition into a new industry.